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Calling All Kids Club Parents! Looking for information on Game Day pick-up?

Let us help!

Q: Where will pick-up be located this Saturday night?
A: Outside Gate C by the ticket office

Q: What am I picking up?
A: If you didn’t pick up this past Saturday then you’ll be picking up your child’s:
  • Kids Club T-Shirt
  • Membership Card
  • Tickets
  • Food and Drink Voucher
Q: Do I need to pick anything up if I already have the t-shirt, membership card, and are doing digital tickets?
A: YES! You’ll still need to pick up your child’s food and beverage voucher for the night. 

Q: Do I need to pick up the food and drink voucher if my child has hard copy tickets?
A: NO. Our food vendors will tear off the tab of your child’s ticket to account for their food and drink voucher.

Q: Are you doing Tie-Dye for Kids Club T-Shirts this year?
A: YES! We’ll be doing tie-dye on the first Saturday of every month.

Q: Do kids get to run the bases after the game on Saturday?
A: YES! All kids get to run the bases after the game on Saturday night (weather permitting).
Q: How do I check-in for the new loyalty program every Saturday? 
A: Visit the Kids Area (near the inflatables) on the first base side of the concourse to scan the  QR code and secure your points!
Q: Is it too late to sign up for Kids Club?
A: NO. It’s never too late.