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Fundraising Opportunity

If your non-profit organization is looking for alternatives in fundraising. Delaware North at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium in Jupiter has the perfect opportunity for you and your group to earn commissions on food and beverage sales.  As well as gratuities for your excellent service.

Each season we contract with 501(c)3 Non-Profit organizations, of all sizes, and provide a safe and engaging way to connect with fans and our community, volunteering in our concession stand(s).  All while promoting teamwork, and camaraderie in an honest and enjoyable atmosphere, organizations can help generate funds for their overall fundraising goal.

If your Club, Church, Civic Group, organization, or association is made up of energetic and enthusiastic people who enjoy working with the public, please consider helping out this upcoming 2023 Spring Training Season.


  • Must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization or approved school/church.
  • Work a minimum of 5 Spring Training Games, including weekdays.
  • Provided the minimum number of volunteers (depending on location) and the minimum number of registered operators over the age of 18 to sell alcohol. The minimum age to volunteer is 16.

Training Requirements:

  • All volunteers must attend a 1-hour unpaid training overview held at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium. Which will include the State of Florida mandatory SafeStaff food handlers training.
  • All volunteers working registers or serving alcohol must complete a 38 Minute TYPSY Online Alcohol Certification course and exam. Certification is good for 1 year and the exam can be taken at home.
  • All volunteers must complete a 15-minute online training from home about our customer service program called GuestPath.
  • All Supervisors or Group leaders must complete a ServSafe alcohol training course and exam provided by Delaware North. 1 Supervisor or Group leader must be present, at all times, with the group during the operation of a stand to ensure alcohol compliance.

Thank you for your consideration.  As space is limited and for more information, please email or call us at

Thomas Fewer, GM 1-561-799-3805

Dan Benozich, OM 1-561-799-3807



Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Uniform Policy?

Yes, A Delaware North Polo and visor will be provided to your group based on your signup sheet and size chart that you provide prior to the season.  The Group Coordinator will be responsible for distributing and returning all uniforms/visors provided.  Appropriate Black Shorts or Pants (no spandex) and mostly black shoes (preferably restaurant/commercial non-slip) will be provided by the individual volunteer.

How old must a volunteer be to participate?

16 years old for nonalcoholic stations

18 years or older for Registers and alcoholic service stations

Does Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium take cash?

No, in 2021 we moved to 100% Credit Card transactions only.  Guests with cash only can purchase a preloaded Visa/MC through the stadium retail shop.

How do Groups Generate funds?

Groups will earn a commission percentage of 9% on all Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages and 7% on all Alcoholic Beverages sold (excluding tax) under their group assigned code at their Point-of-Sale system. Tips/gratuities for outstanding service is another exciting revenue generating opportunity at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium.


Yes, for groups that volunteer for weekday games, they will receive an additional 2% commission  on both commission categories.  We also have a participation incentive for groups (with more than 5 volunteers) that participate in more than 8 games:

  • For the games volunteered between 9 -15, groups will receive an additional $50 donation per game, For the games volunteered between 16-24, groups will receive an   additional $75 per game, and for the games volunteered between 25-30, groups will   receive an additional $100 per game.

Is Tipping Allowed and how does it work?

Yes, all Point-of-Sale systems are set up for a tipping option at close out of all transactions.  100% of all tips earned by a group will be paid to the group.  Cash tips are also allowed, however, as we are a cashless venue and for continuity, we do not allow tip containers in front of Point-of-Sale stations, and they must be kept behind the counter.

What does Delaware North Provide in the Stands/Locations?

Along with your Polo and Visor, Delaware North will provide your group and location with all necessary equipment/products to successfully operate your specific fundraising location/operation. Each location will also have a binder with detailed information and specs to ensure proper operation and quality assurance.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.